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A killer Dapp stealth under Populer Website that can bring 10s of millions users quickly.#9

First of all, it may not start with “D” or “Steem”. The App will solve real problems and can acquire millions of users without hassle of openning a Steem account.

For example, users will open accounts with emails and phone numbers. They will not be dragged to open a Steem account. However, at some stage, they will be invited to open a Steem account once they are on-boarded and educated. Idea is to not distract them with the hassle of account creation. A layer that hiddens or simplifies onboarding.

Most important thing is to buy or partner with a website (App) with few million of users. For example, TRON has bought bittorrent.

a year ago

Shut the f up thelrealwolf. Instead of creating useless platforms like this why dont YOU learn c++ and fix the problems you always complain about?

a year ago