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More branding required.#8

Steem required new branding. It can come from a crypto-celebrity with 500K twitter follower, constantly spreading Steem updates and refuting Steem’s misinformation. It can be arrange by funding through Worker Model. DASH had big success using Budget (Similar to Work Model) model to market it to social media such as Youtube or Twitter. They even hired MaX Kaiser couple on a year tour publicizing DASH. For example, a Youtube celebrity couple with 400K twitter followers can be recruited for Steem who will live on Steem funding (e.g worker model) and spread its goodies. It will clear lots of misinformation about Steem out there.

a year ago

a year ago

We already have the beneficiary function that can be implemented in an app. Additionally, there is delegation, which is a great way for people to invest in something without risking their actual money.

We don’t need a worker model, we need people to pound the pavement and talk businesses into why they should invest in Steem apps and delegate to businesses.

Crypto Hobo
a year ago