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An Idea for a Tool to Auto Flag Abuse Content and Automatic Counter of Retaliation Flags#21

The vast majority of Steemians are afraid of flagging abusers (spammers, excessive selfvoters, shitposters, etc’). Mainly because of two reasons:
1: They lose out on curation rewards, because flagging takes a chunk of their voting power.
2: They’re afraid of retaliation flags from the abuser, who will try to scare people off from flagging him\her.

The first issue can be addressed by adding separate voting mana for flags. But that will require a hard fork, and it seems that the steem ecosystem doesn’t have the resources for that right now.

BUT! The 2nd issue can be addressed quite well, in my opinion.
An antiabuse leader should be able to do wonders, if he\she can insure his supporters are fully protected from retaliation flags. And that won’t be that hard to accomplish. A “simple” tool needs to be developed, and abusers will start to feel the bern.

The tool should allow the antiabuse leader to do the following:
1: get posting authority from supporters.
2: each supporter will put a cap on the amount of daily VP % he\she is willing to donate to the cause (upto 20% daily).
4: once an abusive post is found, select $ value that needs to be subtracted from it.
5: the tool will use a relative VP % from all supporters to achieve this $ deduction.
6: the tool will track the current standing (less than 7 days old) posts and comments of the supporters.
7: if any of them are flagged, the tool will once again use the VP of the supporters to reverse the damage.

This will bring abuse fighting to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
1: an abuser will be flooded with flags, and won’t be able to retaliate against every singe flagger.
2: as long as the abuser doesn’t have more SP than the entire abuse fighting collective, his\her retaliation will be null.
3: once abusers stop making money for several weeks, THEY WILL power down, and the coalition can attack the next target, practically purging any objective abuse on the platform!

Please tell me what you think, and whether you will agree to dedicate even a small fraction of your VP to clean our beloved home, which is Steem.

a year ago

a year ago