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Create a dapp like patreon but using STEEM as currency#18

Start with something simple.

I’m not a programmer but I think this could be a timeline:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Outsource or crowdsource development as open source project
  • deploy a test version
  • Bounties for testing / bug fixing
  • Deploy

However feel free to make comments or suggestions

a year ago

Dapp like a patreon is actually needed. But then to be actually used we will need to make a gateway to fiat. Youtubers won’t use it if they cant cashout in paypal or bank account. But still a good addition to steem. We would just need to fix the SBD peg to have a real $.

a year ago

@therealwolf What we were just discussing!

a year ago

a year ago

Fundition already has most of the features of Patreon and is working toward implementing the rest. I just made a post about it here

a year ago

Thank you midlet. It seems lot of hard work has been done. Maybe fundition only needs a little push to gain more users. If i can use Paypal that would be awesome

a year ago